Zhou, Jiangping 周江評
BEng (TJU); MEng (NJU); MS (Illinois); PhD (USC)

Jiangping Zhou, is Associate Professor in the Department of Urban Planning and Design at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) since 2017. He has brought much international experience, knowledge and network to his post at HKU. Prior to HKU, he was Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Urban Planning at University of Queensland, Australia and Assistant Professor in Community and Regional Planning, Transportation and Sustainable Environments, Iowa State University, US. His primary research interests are in sustainable urban and transportation systems and associated policy and planning studies, especially from a comparative perspective and based on emerging data such as cellular network data and smart card data. He has authored and co-authored over ninety scholarly articles, and his research has appeared in peer reviewed international journals such as Journal of American Planning Association, Environment and Planning A, Urban Geography, Journal of Urban Planning and Development, Transport Policy, Cities, Habitat International and Transportation Research A/D. He has co-authored two books. One on transport systems in the most populous metropolises in North America and the other on smart growth.

He serves on the congestion pricing standing committee of Transportation Research Board, the US. He is on editorial boards of Urban and Rural Planning, China City Planning Review and Urban Planning International. He is an oversea editor for Urban Transport of China. He was a member of Board of Directors of International Association for China Planning (2011-2015). Before starting his academic career, he worked for Institute for Transportation and Development, Energy Foundation, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and Federal Highway Administration, US Department of Transportation.

In addition to academic work, he has published intensively (in the forms of short essay or interview transcript) with mass media such as World Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, The Paper, Southern Weekly, Caijing, New Weekly, to name a few.

Fields of Interest

  • Transport Policy and Planning
  • Big-data Applications and Analytics for Transport/Urban Studies
  • Comparative Urban and Regional Studies
  • Sustainability


  • URBP 6123, Public Transport Systems, The University of Hong Kong (Semester II)
  • URBP 6131, Transport Policy and Planning, The University of Hong Kong (Semester II)
  • UPAD 0007, Research Design, Department of Urban Planning and Design, The University of Hong Kong (Semester 1, II)
  • GEOG 7003/URBP 6157, Transport Economics, The University of Hong Kong (Semester I)

Recent Awards:

Air Asia Fellowship, Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning, 2017/18

Recent Grants:

  1. China Vision Grant (together with Dr. Xingjian Liu) for the joint workshop between HKU and Peking University, HKU’s China Affairs office and the Ministry of Education (MoE), 2017
  2. HKU Seed Fund for Basic Research: Examining equity and spatial impacts and implications of transit fare, 2017/18

Recent Publications:

  1. Zhou, J., Murphy, E. and Corcoran, J. 2018.Integrating road carrying capacity and traffic congestion into the excess commuting framework. Environment and Planning B (Accepted with minor revisions)
  2.  Zhou, J., Li, Y. and Yang, Y. 2018. Familiar Strangers: Visualising Potential Metro Encounters in Beijing. Environment and Planning A (In Press)
  3.  Zhou, J., Yang, L., Liu, J. and Zhang, C. 2017. Beating Long Trips with a Smartphone: A Case Study of Beijing Residents. Cities (73): 36-43.
  4. Zhou, J., Sipe, N., Ma, Z., Mateo-Babiano, I. and Dachen, S. 2017. Monitoring Transit-served Areas with Smartcard Data: A Brisbane Case Study. Journal of Transport Geography (Accepted)
  5. Liu, X. and Zhou, J. 2017. Mind the gap: Exploring the Drivers of Broken Intercity Trunk Roads in China. Landscape and Urban Planning (Accepted)
  6. Zhou, J. Corcoran, J. and Borsellino, R. 2017. Mapping Cities by Transit riders’ Trajectories: The Case of Brisbane, Australia, Environment and Planning A, 49(8): 1707-1709.

New Services:


Member, Editorial Board, Shanghai Urban Planning (08/2017-)

Member, the National Review Committee, 40 Best Papers in 40 Years, Urban Planning Society of China/City Planning Review


Chief Examiner, Master of Transport Policy and Planning Program, HKU (08/2017-)

Organizer, HKU-Tongji University First Joint Workshop on Electric Vehicles and Future Cities (08/2017-)