Zheng, Ji

Dr Ji Zheng is now a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Urban Planning and Design, The University of Hong Kong. She is now working on projects about emissions trading and climate change. She holds a PhD in human geography from the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her research interests are the interactive mechanism of urban anthropogenic activities and carbon emissions, and the socioeconomic and ecoenvironmental effects of the Belt and Road Initiative.


CAS President Scholarship(中国科学院院长优秀奖), 2020.

Best Presentation Reward of the Second International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, 2019.

Selected Publications:

Zheng, J., Li, Y. 2017. Study on the Process and Mechanism of Urban Traffic CO2 Emissions at Micro-scale: A Case Study of the Olympic Central Area in Beijing, China. China Economic Publishing House, Beijing. (in Chinese)

Li, Y., Zheng, J.#, Dong, S., et al. 2019. Temporal variations of local traffic CO2 emissions and its relationship with CO2 flux in Beijing, China. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 67, 1-15.

Li, Y., Zheng, J., Li, Z., et al. 2017. Re-estimating CO2 emission factors for gasoline passenger cars adding driving behavior characteristics – A case study of Beijing. Energy Policy 102, 353-361.

Zheng, J., Hu, Y., Dong, S., et al. 2019. The spatiotemporal pattern of decoupling transport CO2 emissions from economic growth across 30 provinces in China. Sustainability 11, 2564.

Dong, S., Zheng, J.#, Li, Y., et al. 2019. Quantitative analysis of the coupling coordination degree between urbanization and eco-environment in Mongolia. Chinese Geographical Science 29(5), 861-871.


Zheng, J., Li, Y., Cheng, H. 2020. A protective equipment of traffic volume detection system at desertification area. State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C 201921742334.0

Li, Y., Zheng, J., Jin, X. 2017. Portable traffic information video detection and acquisition system. State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C ZL 2016 2 0757413.9.