Yan, Xiang

Dr Xiang Yan is now a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Urban Planning and Design, The University of Hong Kong. He is working on a project concerning HK residents’ cross-border healthcare utilization and cross-border mobility in the Great Bay Area. His research interests are health geography and healthy cities, focusing on the intersection of healthcare systems and urban development. He uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to study multiple research topics, including patient mobility, physician mobility, therapeutic landscape, and the new urban spaces produced by the healthcare industry.

Xiang holds a BSc from Nanjing University, a MSc from Peking University, and a PhD from The University of Hong Kong. He is a licensed urban planner in Mainland and had several years of experience in professional services.

Selected publications:

Yan Xiang, Shan Lu, He Shenjing*, and Zhang Jiekui. (2022). Cross-city patient mobility and healthcare equity and efficiency: Evidence from Hefei, China. Travel Behaviour and Society, 28, 1-12.

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