Xia, Chang

Dr Chang Xia is now a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Urban Planning and Design, The University of Hong Kong, under the supervision of Professor Anthony Yeh. He is working on projects concerning modelling and promoting HK residents’ cross-border healthcare utilization and cross-border mobility in the Great Bay Area. His research interests include geographies of mobility and computational urban design, focusing on the application of new data and methods in urban planning and management. In particular, Chang’s research aims to contribute to the field of urban sustainability through leveraging the advancements in timely urban datasets and geographical information science (GIS).

Chang holds a BEng and a MSc from Wuhan University, and a PhD from The University of Hong Kong. Chang’s work has been published in leading peer reviewed journals of urban studies and GIS such as Annals of the American Association of Geographers, Landscape and Urban Planning, and International Journal of Geographical Information Science (IJGIS).