Ma, Jun


Dr Jun MA obtained his Ph.D. from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He has authored and co-authored 30+ research articles in high impact journals. His research interests include Urban Computing, Environmental Computing, and Smart City. Before joining DUPAD as an assistant professor, he had served as the Chief Research Officer of Big Bay Innovation Research and Development Limited, and the R&D advisor of 10+ startup companies in Mainland China. He was nominated as Torch Entrepreneurship Mentor by Guangdong Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator Association.

 Research Interest

Urban Computing, Environmental Computing, AI and Robotics in Smart Cities.

Selected Publications

  • Ma, Jun; Ding, Yuexiong; Cheng, Jack CP; Jiang, Feifeng; Xu, Zherui; Soft detection of 5-day BOD with sparse matrix in city harbor water using deep learning techniques, Water Research, 170, 115350, 2020
  • Ma, Jun; Li, Zheng; Cheng, Jack CP; Ding, Yuexiong; Lin, Changqing; Xu, Zherui; Air quality prediction at new stations using spatially transferred bi-directional long short-term memory network, Science of The Total Environment, 705, 135771, 2020
  • Ma, Jun; Cheng, Jack CP; Jiang, Feifeng; Chen, Weiwei; Zhang, Jingcheng; Analyzing driving factors of land values in urban scale based on big data and non-linear machine learning techniques, Land Use Policy, 94, 104537, 2020
  • Ma, Jun; Cheng, Jack CP; Ding, Yuexiong; Chen, Keyu; Lin, Changqing; Jiang, Feifeng; Identification of the Most Influential Areas for Air Pollution Control Using XGBoost and Grid Importance Rank, Journal of Cleaner Production, 122835, 2020
  • Ma, Jun; Cheng, Jack CP; Jiang, Feifeng; Gan, Vincent JL; Wang, Mingzhu; Zhai, Chong; Real-time detection of wildfire risk caused by powerline vegetation faults using advanced machine learning techniques, Advanced Engineering Informatics, 44, 101070, 2020
  • Ma, Jun; Ding, Yuexiong; Cheng, Jack CP; Jiang, Feifeng; Wan, Zhiwei; A temporal-spatial interpolation and extrapolation method based on geographic Long Short-Term Memory neural network for PM2. 5, Journal of Cleaner Production, 237, 117729, 2019
  • Ma, Jun; Cheng, Jack CP; Lin, Changqing; Tan, Yi; Zhang, Jingcheng; Improving air quality prediction accuracy at larger temporal resolutions using deep learning and transfer learning techniques, Atmospheric Environment, 214, 116885, 2019
  • Ma, Jun; Cheng, Jack CP; Identification of the numerical patterns behind the leading counties in the US local green building markets using data mining, Journal of Cleaner Production, 151, 406-418, 2017
  • Ma, Jun; Cheng, Jack CP; Estimation of the building energy use intensity in the urban scale by integrating GIS and big data technology, Applied Energy, 183, 182-192, 2016
  • Ma, Jun; Cheng, Jack CP; Identifying the influential features on the regional energy use intensity of residential buildings based on Random Forests, Applied Energy, 183, 193-201, 2016

Research Opportunities

I always welcome those with strong interests in coding, data mining, AI, robotics, or startups to join my research team (RA, MPhil, PhD or Postdoc). It’s OK if you don’t have experience, but show me your determination.