Liu, Xingjian 劉行健
B.S. (Wuhan); M.S. (Texas State); PhD (Cambridge)

Fields of interest:
Urban and Regional Development; Urban Geography; Globalization; GIS; China

Selected Publications:

  • Ye, Y., Li, D., & Liu, X. (2017), “How block density and typology affect urban vitality: An exploratory analysis in Shenzhen, China”, Urban Geography, (Corresponding author)
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Distinctions and Recognitions

  • Commended/Runner-up, Royal Town Planning Institute Early Career Researcher Award, 2017
  • Association of American Geographers (AAG)-Spatial Analysis and Modeling Specialty Group Emerging Scholar Award, 2017
  • Young GIS Researcher Award, Austrian Academy of Science, 2017
  • Research Output Prize (Faculty of Architecture), HKU, 2016
  • Finalist, Royal Town Planning Institute Early Career Researcher Award, 2016
  • Regional Studies Association & Routledge Early Career Award, 2015
  • AAG-Regional Development and Planning Specialty Group Emerging Scholar Award, 2013
  • Associate Director, Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network
  • Associate Director, Beijing City Lab,

Teaching Courses:

  • URBS 2002 Urban and Regional Development I (Semester I)
  • URBS 3002 Urban and Regional Development II (Semester I)
  • URBS 4001 Advanced Urban Studio (Semester I)
  • URBS 4003 Urban Policy and Governance (Semester I)
  • CCGL9026 Think Global, Act Local: You, Hong Kong, and the World (Semester II)
  • URBP6017 GIS for Urban and Regional Planning and Development (Semester II)