Lau, Mandy H.M. 劉杏雯

BSc (LSE); MPhil, PhD (Cantab)

Mandy Lau is Associate Professor in the Department of Urban Planning and Design. She received her PhD and MPhil from the Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, and BSc in Sociology from the London School of Economics.

Mandy’s research lies at the intersection of housing studies and ageing studies. She has led a number of research projects funded by the Research Grants Council (RGC), including a project on inadequate housing space in high-density Hong Kong, and a project on ageism (age-related prejudice) and intergenerational relations in residential neighbourhood contexts.

Mandy serves on the International Editorial Advisory Board of Housing Studies, and the International Advisory Board of Urban Policy and Research. She is also Secretary of the Asia-Pacific Network for Housing Research (APNHR).

She has contributed to a number of contract research projects commissioned by professional institutes and NGOs, including a project on the liveability of public and private housing estates, commissioned by the Hong Kong Institute of Housing (HKIH), and a project on purpose-built housing for older people, commissioned by the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS).

Research interests:

  • Urban/Housing studies: Affordable housing, housing space in high-density cities, socio-psychological aspects of residential neighbourhoods
  • Ageing studies: Social aspects of ageing, ageism, housing for older people


  • Programme Director (Master of Housing Management)
  • Foundation Course on Research Methods
  • Housing Economics
  • International Housing Policies and Practices
  • Key Issues in Ageing Communities

Recent Externally Funded Projects:

  • Co-Investigator: “Evaluation study of quality of life among children and their families living in the Hong Kong sub-divided housing units“. (Jockey Club Charities Trust, Oct 2022 – Sept 2025)
  • Principal Investigator: “Spatial age segregation and ageism: A social psychological analysis of age-specific housing” (Research Grants Council, General Research Fund, Jan 2020 – Sept 2022)
  • Co-Principal Investigator: “Potential Demand For Purpose-Design Elderly Housing Among Lower-Middle Elderly Households In Hong Kong” (Hong Kong Housing Society, Aug 2018 – Oct 2019)
  • Principal Investigator: “A framing analysis of the inadequate housing problem in Hong Kong” (Research Grants Council, General Research Fund, Jan 2016 – Jun 2018)

Recent Publications:

  • Lau, M.H.M. (forthcoming, 2023) “Beyond ageism: A qualitative study of intersecting forms of prejudice towards retired older people”, Societies.
  • Lau, M.H.M. (2022) “Speculative sub-division of private rental flats in Hong Kong” in C.Chu and S.He (Eds) The Speculative City: Emerging Forms and Norms of the Built Environment, Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • Lau, M.H.M. (2020) “Community-based housing solutions in Hong Kong: How and why have they emerged?”, International Journal of Housing Policy, 20(2), pp. 290-301.
  • Chang, Y., Lau, M.H.M., Calogero, P. (2019) “Participatory governance in China: Analysing state-society relations in participatory initiatives in Suzhou”, International Development Planning Review, Special Issue on Community Development and Planning in Contemporary China, 41(3), pp. 329-352.
  • Lau, M.H.M. (2019) “Lobbying for rent regulation in Hong Kong: Rental market politics and framing strategies”, Urban Studies, 56(12), pp.2515-2531.
  • Lau M.H.M. & Wei, X. (2018) “Housing size and housing market dynamics: The case of micro-flats in Hong Kong”, Land Use Policy, 78, pp. 278-286.
  • Chiu, R.L.H., Lau, M.H.M. & Seo, B. (2018) “The security-based public housing policy of Hong Kong: A social development interpretation”, in R.L.H. Chiu & S-K. Ha (Eds) Housing Policy, Wellbeing and Social Development in Asia, pp. 29-49, Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Lau, M.H.M. (2018) “Framing processes in planning disputes: Analysing dynamics of contention in a housing project in Hong Kong, Housing Studies, 33(5), pp. 667-683.