Choi, Sunny Hee Sun
BA (RMIT/Swinburne); MArch AA (AA school); MPhil UCL (University College of London); PhD (Oxford Brookes); Post-Doc (Oxford University); UDG; AURIC

Sunny is an urban designer with specialisms in digital infrastructure, cultural identity and public space. She commenced her higher education at RMIT in Melbourne, the AA School and UCL in London, before completing her PhD in urban design at Oxford Brookes University.

Following this she continued with Oxford Brookes as a research associate, successfully completing an ESRC-funding research project applied for as sole investigator entitled ‘Public Space in the U-City: lessons from Seoul’. Further Post-Doctoral research work includes the EPSRC-funded CLEVER project relating to environmental and social life cycle assessment with the University of Oxford.

Sunny has held teaching posts at Oxford Brookes, Liverpool University​, the Hong Kong Design Institute, the AA Summer schools programme and as a visiting lecturer to a number of universities in the UK and South Korea. Together with teaching on the Master of Urban Design course at DUPAD, she is currently engaged with her urban design and architecture practice Choi-Comer Asia in Hong Kong, with new-build and redevelopment projects ongoing and under construction in Quarry Bay, Kowloon Bay, and Lantau. Her professional experience in urban and architectural design also includes project work in South Korea, the UK and within the masterplanning department of the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Sunny has published widely; in long form in 2017 a translation into Korean of the seminal urban design text Responsive Environments included a new chapter focused on Seoul, and a new book entitled ‘Creative Industrial Clusters with the 21st Century Chinese City’ with Images Publications in Melbourne focuses on Shanghai and is due to be published in May 2018.

Other selected publications:

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