Chiu, Rebecca L.H. MH, JP 趙麗霞


Professor Rebecca L.H. Chiu is Professor of Urban Planning & Design, Director of the Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning, Director of the Belt and Road Urban Observatory, Director of the Affordable Housing Research Network of the Faculty of Architecture, and Program Director of the Master of Housing Management and the Bachelor of Housing Management. She specializes in housing and urban studies, especially housing policies in Asia, housing and urban sustainability issues, and housing education. She has published extensively in these areas and is member of the editorial boards of international and local housing and urban journals. She was also appointed Visiting Professor of the Faculty of the Built Environment of the University of Ulster and Universiti Malaya. She is the Founder Chairman of the Asia Pacific Network for Housing Research. She has been appointed to government committees and boards related to housing, planning and environmental issues in Hong Kong. Currently she is member of the Country and Marine Park Advisory Board and the Chairman of its Country Park Committee, the Antiquities Advisory Board, the Appeal Board Panel (Urban Renewal) and the Appeal Board Panel (Town Planning) of Hong Kong. She is also Advisor to the Duanzhou District Government of Zhaoqing City, China . She has been consultant to international and local organizations on housing matters.

Awards & Achievements

  • Professor Rebecca L.H. Chiu is appointed as Non-official Member to the Assessment Committee of the Funding Scheme to Support Transitional Housing Projects by Non-government Organisations, HKSAR Government, for a term of three years till June 2023.
  • Appointed as Honorary Professor of the Bartlett School of Planning of University College London from 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2024
  • Elected as Honorary Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Planners in 2017
  • Conferred to Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in the United Kingdom in 2017
  • Received Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2017
  • Awarded Medal of Honour by the Chief Executive of HKSAR Government in 2017
  • Elected as Honorary Member of the Institute of Shopping Centre Management in 20017
  • Awarded Justice of the Peace by the Chief Executive of HKSAR Government in 2006


  • “Update on the Comprehensive Study on Housing in an Ageing Community – Potential Demand for Purpose-design Elderly Housing among Lower-middle Elderly Households in Hong Kong”, Hong Kong Housing Society
  • “Contribution of Housing Management Professionals to the Liveability of Large Housing Estates in Hong Kong”, Hong Kong Institute of Housing
  • “Transferability of Subsidized Housing Policy from a Liberal Interventionist to a Marketized Socialist System: The Case of Hong Kong and Shenzhen”, General Research Fund, Research Grants Council
  • “Spatial Policy Transfer under the One Road One Belt Initiative: A Preliminary Study of Hong Kong and Dhaka”, Seed Fund for Basic Research
  • “A Study on Manpower Needs in the Property Management Industry”, Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies
  • “A Comprehensive Study on Housing in an Ageing Community”, Hong Kong Housing Society

Recent Publications

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