Zhu, Jin 朱金

BEng (Zhejiang); MEng (Tongji); PhD (UNSW)

Dr Jin Zhu is an Assistant Professor at Department of Real Estate and Construction and Department of Urban Planning and Design, University of Hong Kong. Previously, he worked as an Assistant Professor at City University of  Hong Kong. His research interests span housing and land policy, urbanisation and migration, sustainable built environment and urban governance. He completed his PhD (Planning and Urban Development) at University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia and received his bachelors and masters degrees in urban planning from Zhejiang and Tongji Universities, China. Before his PhD, Jin worked as a town planner at Shanghai Urban Planning and Design Institute and consulted widely for different levels of government in mainland China. During his PhD at UNSW, he also worked as a part-time researcher at the university’s City Futures Research Centre and Social Policy Research Centre.

Dr Zhu is accepting applications for PhD students with similar research interests. Applicants can send CVs and research proposals to and explore the possibility.

Fields of Interest

  • Housing Policy (housing with ambiguous property rights, public housing, transitional housing, migrant housing, student housing and homelessness, etc.)
  • Land Policy (Chinese land system, rural land consolidation, land acquisition and disputes, etc.)
  • Urban Planning and Governance (planning system reform, spatial planning and housing market dynamics, planning decision-making and intergovernmental bargaining, planning for sustainability and resilience, etc.)

Publications (Selected)

  • Zhu, J., Pawson, H., Han, H., & Li, B. (2022). How can spatial planning influence housing market dynamics in a pro-growth planning regime? A case study of Shanghai. Land Use Policy, 116, 106066.
  • He, B.-J., Wang, J., Zhu, J., & Qi, J. (2022). Beating the urban heat: Situation, background, impacts and the way forward in China. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 161, 112350.
  • Zhu, J., He, S., & Hao, J. (2022). Growing rights consciousness of the marginalised and the reshuffling of the landlord-tenant power relationship: Examining a country park-induced displacement in Shanghai. Population, Space and Place, 28, e2510.
  • Hao, J., Zhu, J*., & Thompson, S. (2022) Surviving in the post-repatriation era: Home-making strategies of homeless people in post-socialist China. Housing Studies, 37(2), 292-314.
  • Zhu, J., Li, B., & Pawson, H. (2021). The end of ‘toleration’? Policy ambiguity and converted-housing occupancy in China. Housing Studies, 36(4), 479-499.
  • Cao, K., Zhu, J*., & Zheng, L. (2021) The Collaborative Planning turn in China: Exploring three decades of diffusion and reception in Chinese Planning. Cities. 117, 103210.
  • Zhu, J., He, B. J., Tang, W., & Thompson, S. (2020). Community blemish or new dawn for the public realm? Governance challenges for self-claimed gardens in urban China. Cities, 102, 102750.
  • Tang, W. & Zhu, J*.  (2020). Informality and rural industry: Rethinking the impacts of e-commerce on rural development in China. Journal of Rural Studies, 75, 20-29. (SSCI)

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