Xu, Jinying

BEng & LLB (HIT); MMgt (Tongji); PhD (HKU); Aff. M. ASCE, CIB, CRIOCM

Dr. Jinying Xu has been a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Department of Real Estate and Construction (REC), The University of Hong Kong (HKU) since June 2021. Dr. Xu works in iLab with Prof. Wilson Lu. Her position was founded by the Research Talent Hub from the Innovation and Technology Commission of the Hong Kong SAR government. Dr. Xu received her PhD from HKU. Dr. Xu is keen to promote advanced technology adoption for construction digitalisation and industrialisation.  She believes that humanity should be valued in modern construction. Her research interests include smart construction, organization technology transformation, building information modelling (BIM), sensing technologies, blockchain, sustainable construction, and human-organization-technology (HOT) fit using social network analysis and big data analytics. She is:

  • Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE),
  • Member of International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB),
  • Member of Chinese Research Institute of Construction Management (CRIOCM)

Selected publications:

  1. Xu, J.* and Lu, W.S. (2022). Developing a Human-Organization-Technology Fit (HOT) model for information technology adoption in organizations. Technology in Society. (Forthcoming)
  2. Lou, J., Lu, W.S., Xu, J.*, Li, X., and Wang, J. (2022). Nomenclature for offsite construction. Building Research & Information.
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  4. Lu, W.S., Wu, L.*, Xu J., and Lou, J. (2022). Construction E-Inspection 2.0 in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era: A Blockchain-Based Technical Solution. Journal of Management in Engineering.
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