DiStefano, Lynne 狄麗玲

BA Russell Sage; MA Boston; PhD UPenn; HKICON; HonAIA(HK); ICOMOS Canada

Prof. Lynne DiStefano is a founder and the second Director (2003-2005) of the Architectural Conservation Programmes (ACP) at The University of Hong Kong. She was previously an associate professor at Western University (Ontario, Canada), as well as Chief Curator of Museum London (also in Ontario, Canada). She has been extensively involved with UNESCO’s efforts in heritage conservation. Since 2006, she has been appointed by ICOMOS as an official evaluator for a number of nominated World Heritage Sites in China, Japan and South Korea, as well as an expert for several reactive monitoring missions in China, Laos and the Philippines. She is the Founding President of The Hong Kong Institute of Architectural Conservationists (HKICON), and an Honorary Member of the American Institute of Architects (Hong Kong Chapter). She has authored and co-authored a number of publications, including books, book chapters and journal articles. She has also served as a consultant to local and regional governments.