Kumari, Sarika

BSc; MSc; PGD; MPhil

Ms Sarika Kumari works as a Research Assistant in the Healthy High Density Cities Lab, HKUrbanLabs, The University of Hong Kong. Her interests lie in the fields of socio-ecological models of cities; urban form, built environment and health; built environment epidemiology; active transport and health, urban form and traffic accidents. Ms Kumari has been working towards the modelling and development to the built environment exposure database: UK Biobank Urban Morphometric Platform, now linked with UK Biobank as well as creating health-specific linked datasets for multiple health cohorts within Hong Kong.

Academic / research interests

Socio-ecological model of healthy city. Associations between multiple multilevel built environmental attributes and population health.

Urban form built environment and health. Urban networks and health.

Big data health GIS.

Environmental epidemiology.

Active transport and health.

Air pollution monitoring and modelling and relationship with health.

Modelling associations between urban form, traffic density, air pollution and health in high density cities including New Delhi, Hong Kong and London.

Recent Publications

Kang Kang, Yueqiong Ni, Jun Li, Lejla Imamovic, Chinmoy Sarkar, Marie Danielle Kobler, Yoshitaro Heshiki, Tingting Zheng, Sarika Kumari, Jane Ching Yan Wong, Anand Archna, Cheong Wai Martin Wong, Caroline Dingle, Seth Denizen, David Michael Baker, Morten Otto Alexander Sommer, Christopher John Webster, and Gianni Panagiotou (2018) The Environmental Exposures and Inner- and Intercity Traffic Flows of the Metro System May Contribute to the Human Skin Microbiome and Resistome. Cell Reports, 24(5), 1190-1202.e5.

Chinmoy Sarkar, Chris Webster & Sarika Kumari (2017) Street morphology and severity of road casualties: A 5-year study of Greater London, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation. doi:

Webster, CJ; Chiaradia, AJF; Gallacher, J; Huang, J; Jiang, B; Kumari, S; Melbourne, SJ; Ni, MY; Pryor, MR; Sarkar, C; Sullivan, WC; Sun, G; Tang, DSW; Zhang, X (2017) Being more precise about the ‘smart’ in Smart Cities. Journal of the Hong Kong Institute of Planners, 32(1).