Wilson, Barry


Graduating with Honours from the Landscape Architecture programme at Edinburgh, Barry has taught regularly across all departments of the Faculty of Architecture for more than 10 years and is currently undertaking postgraduate research within the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management. He has also frequently undertaken roles as Guest Assistant Professor at the Peking University School of Urban Planning and Design, Lund University School of Architecture, and Penn State University Department of Architectural Engineering.

With extensive knowledge of worldwide design and construction standards and management practices, he has designed and managed large scale planning, transport, landscape, architecture and environmental projects across four continents and 30 years of practice, particularly focusing on those related to landfill, land reclamation, drainage, rail and highways. An internationally certified mediator, he is appointed to the Panel of Arbitrators of the South China International Arbitration Center (Hong Kong), the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration and the Hainan International Arbitration Court.

President of the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design, Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects, Hong Kong Registered Landscape Architect and also a Chartered Member of the UK Landscape Institute, Barry was nominated to the HKSAR Government Common Spatial Data Advisory Committee (CSDAC) in 2020 and Land Advisory sub-committee in 2021. He was honoured in 2012 for his outstanding achievements in relation to urbanisation in China by the China International Urbanization Development Strategy Research Committee and in 2014 received the Design for Well-being Merit Award at the WHO – Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities. In 2016 presented the TEDx talk “When Fantasy Becomes Reality” in Guangzhou and was awarded the 2019 Reed Mallik Medal from the Institution of Civil Engineers for his paper ‘An Outline to Futureproofing Cities with Ten Immediate Steps’; presenting the Thomas Telford Lecture at the ICE in London in September 2020.