Lu, Xiaoxuan

BArch SCI-Arc; MLA Harvard; PhD Peking

Xiaoxuan Lu is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Landscape Architecture at the University of Hong Kong, where she teaches landscape history and theory and design studios. She has practiced in the fields of architecture and landscape architecture at Turenscape in Beijing, West 8 in Rotterdam, Bjarke Ingels Group in Copenhagen, and SWA in Los Angeles. For Turenscape, she recently worked as the project manager for Zaryadye Park International Competition, which envisions Zaryadye Park as an urban ecosystem that provides multiple eco-services to the city and people.

Her research focuses on the cultural landscape and geography of conflict, particularly in China and its transboundary regions. Applying analytical cartography, photography and video in her research, she aims to reveal the hidden layers of landscape where multiple tensions converge. Xiaoxuan received her Bachelor of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture, Master in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and PhD in Human Geography from Peking University. She is the co-author of Critical Landscape Planning during the Belt and Road Initiative (Springer Nature, 2021), Interstitial Hong Kong: Exploring the Miniature Open Spaces of High-Density Urbanism (JOVIS Verlag, 2021), and From Crisis to Crisis: Debates on Why Architecture Criticism Matters Today (Actar, 2019).


Xiaoxuan Lu serves as an editor and columnist for Landscape Architecture Frontiers 景觀設計學 since 2012, which won an Honor  ward in the Communications category of 2015 ASLA professional awards. Her “Experiments and Processes” column showcases a range of speculative design project. It functions as a platform for exploring narratives behind experimental methodologies, representations and results, while projecting a future for landscape architecture that is positioned between research, storytelling, and design.

2020 Issue #1: Ecological Restoration through Territorial Spatial Planning Lu, Xiaoxuan. “Green Utopias.” Landscape Architecture Frontiers 8, no. 1 (2020): 126-127.

2020 Issue #2: Children and Urban Environments
Lu, Xiaoxuan. “The Well-Being of Children and Youth in an Uncertain World.” Landscape Architecture Frontiers 8, no. 2 (2020): 142‒143.

2020 Issue #3: Nature-Based Solutions and Urban Resilience
Lu, Xiaoxuan. “Embracing Indigenous and Local Knowledge for Social-Ecological Resilience.” Landscape Architecture Frontiers 8, no. 3 (2020): 146-147.

2020 Issue #4: Prototype Study in Landscape Architecture
Lu, Xiaoxuan. “It is Different This Time.” Landscape Architecture Frontiers 8, no. 4 (2020): 150-151.

2020 Issue #5: Urban Governance and Spatial Quality Improvement
Lu, Xiaoxuan. “The Era of Mass-Authorship.” Landscape Architecture Frontiers 8, no. 5 (2020): 164-165.

2020 Issue #6: Human Desires, Social Demands, and Landscape Future
Lu, Xiaoxuan. “Alternative Territorial Strategies.” Landscape Architecture Frontiers 8, no. 6 (2020): 132-133.

Selected Publications