Zordan, Mirna

BArch (IUAV); MArch (IUAV); PhD (CityU HK); APCCVE

Mirna Zordan is a licensed Italian architect, a design instructor, and an academic researcher focusing on environment-behaviour performances in complex environments. She taught and was an invited lecturer in several international institutions, including IUAV University of Venice, Atelier Europe China IUAV/CAUP Tongji University, FAB Fabrica De Ciudad Escuela De Arquitectura & Estudios Urbanos (CDMX), TU Graz, City University of Hong Kong, and ARUP. In Venice, she was also a research fellow under a grant funded by the European Social Funding Scheme, working on design strategies for post-industrial scenarios under the National Industry Plan 4.0 (Italy) within the architecture and urban design division of RE-VEGA Group, IUAV, in collaboration with The Science and Technology Park of Venice, Regione Veneto, and Universita’ Ca’ Foscari Venezia.

Her research responds to the United Nations SDGs agenda for psychological well-being and social/environmental sustainability in high-density cities; after completing her PhD and being awarded the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS), she is currently focusing on innovative multidisciplinary directions for the investigation of urban dynamics under distress conditions by merging health psychology, decision-making science, and environment-behaviour studies for the enhancement of design responses in complex and stratified urban conditions.

While she has previously worked as an architect in Sydney and Venice, she is also an active member at the International Forum on Urbanism (TU Delft), representing and pursuing increased dialogues among professional practices, scholars, and multidisciplinary experts for the future of urban density.