Wu, Kaicong

BArch SJTU; MArch UPenn; PhD Princeton

Kaicong Wu is an architect, designer, and researcher. He received a PhD in Architecture from Princeton University in 2019. He also holds a Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Architecture from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Before his move to Hong Kong, he had been researching (remotely) on parametric housing with the MIT CarbonHouse team as a postdoctoral research associate. Prior to his PhD, he also practiced in design firms, such as MAD Architects and kokkugia.

His current research focuses on architectural design and design technology, especially generative design strategies informed by computation, deep learning, material sensing, and robotic assembly. His work consists of experiments, prototypes, and built projects, wherein he applies emerging digital technologies to the discovery of unknown architectural design principles that are beyond the constraints of our empirical knowledge regarding geometries, materials, structures, and aesthetics. Some of his latest research projects have been presented at conferences including Rob|Arch, ACADIA, and Design Modeling Symposium.