Borio, Géraldine

BArch MArch EPFL; RA(Swiss); PhD(RMIT);

Géraldine Borio is a Swiss registered architect and assistant professor at The University of Hong Kong, Department of Architecture. She is the founder of Borio Lab, an independent research laboratory and architectural-based practice.

Reflection on liminal space in architecture and the city is at the core of her projects. Moving through more than ten years of investigation in the East Asian Coastline area the research and architectural work has evolved across multiple scales. Along the way, the shift from in-situ observation and intervention to the making of architecture has created opportunities to explore the notion of in-between space, buffer zone and threshold.

Invested widely in knowledge transmission through teaching, research and publication, she is the co-author of the books “Hong Kong In-Between” (2015) and “The People of Duckling Hill” (2016). She has conducted numerous workshops and lectures worldwide and has been teaching at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Prior to that, she co-founded Parallel Lab (2010-2015) and has been working with various firms in Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong. Her work has been exhibited at the Seoul Biennale; Vitra Museum; Rotterdam Architecture Biennale; St-Etienne Design Biennale; Beijing Design Week; Zurich University of the Arts and ICI Curatorial Hub, New York.