Hong Kong Value Farm

Hong Kong Value Farm, by Assistant Professor Ms Tris Kee (HKU) and Professor Thomas Chung (CUHK), has been awarded the Academic Committee Award by the UABB (SZ) Academic Committee (including team members Terrence Riley and Professor Yung Ho Chang).

The idea of HK Value Farm evolved out of the intense curatorial dialogue between the Creative Director Ole Bouman and the architects’ interpretation to conceive Hong Kong’s contribution in the Shenzhen Architecture Biennale. The former Guangdong Float Glass Factory in Shekou was a platform to reproduce design “culture” within the city. The team reworked a piece of open ground within the factory premises to produce “nature”. Instead of designing “landscape” as an aestheticized “viewing of the land”, HK Value Farm as an exhibition is a living entity. For the local media, HK Value Farm was dubbed the “Little Hong Kong” in Shenzhen by manifesting Hong Kong spirit and the productive reworking of the site.

The exhibition was selected from over 135 submissions from 21 countries and an award ceremony was held in Shenzhen in 2014. The project was published in Urban Border, Tongji University Press, p.100-101; UABB Authorized Publication, Vol. 39, p.144-145; Urban Environment Design (UED) Vol. 83 p.224-227; Urban Flux Vol. 36, p.65-68, HKIA Journal Vol. 68, p.94-95.


助理教授Tris Kee攜手香港中文大學鐘宏亮副教授共同合作參與的“價值農場”項目榮獲UABB學術委員會所頒發的學術委員會獎,共獲殊榮的還有團隊成員Terrence Riley以及張永和教授。

創建價值農場的想法起源於創意總監Ole Bouman以及建築師們針對策展事宜的一場激烈討論,旨在為深圳建築雙年展注入來自香港的力量。 位於深圳蛇口的原廣東浮法玻璃廠便為該城市重塑設計文化提供了一個良好的平台。價值農場創始團隊將原工廠里的一塊空地重新設計並變裝為植物園。價值農場的 設計理念非將該地改造為可供欣賞的秀麗園林,而為將其變為一個生機勃勃的平民化展區。在香港本地媒體的眼中,位於深圳的香港價值農場可配以“小香港”的稱 號,該農場成功將香港精神發揚光大。