Architecture & Urban Design III (ARCH 5001) – Articulated Surface

Articulated Surface, where the sanctity of the single surface responsible solely for affect are challenged by multilayered and multidimensional built surfaces. Replacing a mechanistic model with a biological jungle ecology of messiness and excess.

“The new species of architecture is robust enough to be both formally and technologically innovative.”

The studio translates synthetic organism techniques into formal-topological techniques, creating complex taxonomies of a Structural-Surface-System that generate new species of formal behaviors. This agenda is not about the mimetic application of biology and structure into and onto architecture, but of the transference of multiple physiological scales into the systemic intelligence of the involutes surface-dwelling, and back again. Critical to the discussion of interiority is the conditional understanding of the irreducible “Systems” that composes architecture. Investigating the nature of the new paradigms in Structural-Surface-System and what is irreducible to architecture will allow for us to explore the topic of organization and matters. This speciation will develop a sense of production for the new conditions of performances, affects and sensations.

Studio focuses on advanced digital design and prototyping of details thru multi-disciplinary design methodologies. Students develop knowledge by investigating and applying the possibilities of emerging theories, as well as testing new design territories such as scripting, biogenetics, genetic codification, new materials, and cellular system.