Sentient Architectures: at Home

The migration of computing from dedicated appliances to physical environments, thanks to massively proliferating microchips and ever-expanding information networks directly implicates and empowers architecture as a transformative agent and medium. The fact that objects can now sense, think, act and communicate with the help of embedded technology points to an architecture that is more closely aligned with the networked dynamics of living systems – a sentient architecture.

The studio addresses architectural questions posed by embedded computation i.e., the integration of miniaturized computing, sensing and actuating devices into the objects and spaces of everyday life. Architectural applications in the following areas or research and technology were sought and implemented in working prototypes: responsive and interactive systems; augmented reality, embedded/situated technology, ambient intelligence, mobile computing, locative media.

The focus is on the domestic environment. The aim is to develop in design and research project some prototypes and ideas for improving the functionality, optimizing the environmental performance and enriching the experience of home with the digital enhancement of common building materials, components and technologies.