Transient Values

This studio will investigate, analyze, and explore the condition of TRANSIENCE – and TRANSIENT VALUES. We will look at SERVICES and how SERVICE STRUCTURES support & enable transient modes of existence. We will look at the HOTEL and how structures of individual and communal services SUPPORT a social and urban microcosm.

As global mobility increases and transience assumes a permanent presence, we want to look at issues related to the short-term occupation of space.

We want to understand not only the physical and psychological conditions/effects of transience but also directly experience its environments.Transient modes of existence require varying degrees of independence on the part of the individual, and dependence of the individual on their surrounding environment. One mode seeks detachment and anonymity while the other mode desires connection and a sense of stability (albeit transitory).We want to investigate a series of particular phenomena related to:
Transience – as a contemporary condition (the traveler) and as a psychological experience (the narrative)

Spaces of transience – not the shell which is ephemeral itself, but its occupation; not transient space, but “spaces of transience”Can a new concept of service provisions (based on the identification of actual existing needs or intentionally generated fantasies/desires) reconfigure the typology of the hotel beyond its typical formula of lobby, check-in, guest room… or can the relationships between those elements be manipulated to offer a novel space of experience and fiction?

Can a building (or more loosely a structure) be designed from its ‘back’ (back of house), from the service system, the logistical processes and infrastructure that produce a certain reality at its ‘front’ (front of house) for the public/personal experience?

What is required (or would be required) to not only fulfill but re-imagine the spectrum of transient needs?