Revitalizing Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market

The design studio explores Locus by looking at how architecture is shaped by the forces of the city and, in turn, how architecture can shape the city’s transformation. The students will work on a dense site in Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan district. Students are asked to develop design propositions for this existing urban context that explore “Bridge” as a structural, spatial and programmatic concept.

Students use a mapping of the site to construct a narrative. This narrative generates ideas for a programmatic intervention on a specific site and a spatial intervention.

To Bridge

Studio name: Architectural Design 3

Geography Landscape Infrastructure

Sheung Wan Waterfront

The design studio explores how architecture has been shaped by the forces of the city, and that architecture could play a role in the future transformation of the city through chosen site under the framework on Geography, Landscape and infrastructure. Students were asked to come up with design propositions and intervention to existing urban context by concept of ‘Bridge’. How will you ‘bridge’ between place ‘A’ & place ‘B’? What are the relationships between geography, landscape, and infrastructure? How your architectural intervention engages with geography, landscape, and infrastructure? The design process was carried out in 2 phases. Project1 : Research and Analysis (Mapping) Project 2: Intervention to existing urban context