Garden Hill: A New Cultural Quarter

The studio explores Locus through the theme of Architecture and Waste.

The objective is to develop students’ approach towards the methodological components of architectural design; research, positioning, brief development, concept design, and design development. Focusing on the district of Sham Shui Po, the studio will engage with both the physical realities of the site and non-physical contexts of the social, the environmental, and the technological in relation to the broad theme of waste. Through investigations into these overlapping contexts, students will propose unique briefs in response to their findings and in doing so develop their skills in architectural research and synthesis.

These briefs will form the basis for design proposals that students will test through architectural techniques of plans, sections, elevations, axonometric, modeling, and perspectives amongst others. Used as tools of enquiry, each technique will raise new questions of the design, requiring new modes of investigation to address in an iterative cycle of development.