With ourselves as both subjects and objects of study, Millennial Architecture looks into tools, strategies and prototypes for our very
own. Millennial Architecture’s efforts concentrate around reinventing a future for what increasingly sits at the centre of the millennial struggle: housing. While housing was at the core of the 2008 financial crisis, in the millennial condition, it remains inaccessible for the many, from London to Los Angeles and from Beijing to Barcelona. Meanwhile, architecture as a profession itself is taken hostage by the housing-crisis, reduced to mere visual marketing at the hands of speculators and developers.

The studio develops a platform based on questions of peer-funding, crowdfunding, new modes of ownership, rent, co-housing and shared living. Ultimately the goal of the platform is to disrupt the assumed developer-led model for housing and enable large groups of people to take the housing question in their own hands. In terms of building technologies, we work within the so-called Discrete Design paradigm, which advocates parts rather than whole. Discrete
Design is based on a digital understanding of assembly, architectural modularity and prefabrication and attempts to create functional wholes that emerge from the assembly of generic, serialised, accessible and versatile form of architecture with a short production chain that is prone to automation and therefore able to disrupt the current building industry. Discrete Design is a collective project which aims to reinscribe the “digital” in architecture in a framework of social, economic and political relations rather than merely stylistic ones.