Mediblocks is a project born out of my wish to address the environmental and accessibility concerns around how new technologies are being implemented in the field of medical science. Specifically, I want to address those types of stick-on medical devices that integrate technology to inform the patient about their health.



“If our life lacks a constant magic it is because we choose to observe our acts and lose ourselves in consideration of their imagined form and meaning, instead of being impelled by their force.” Antonin Artaud, French Dramatist. Magic, is a very important element in our lives. Although it might be regarded as a discipline to fool people with illusions, it is not that simple. Magic is what drives our minds to think, to create, to innovate, it can be a form of thinking. If it weren’t for magical thinking, we might never have lights to shine in the dark or planes to fly in the boundless sky. Magical thinking is very important in developing life, however, in the hustle and bustle, people live with an absent of life. Magible, is initiated to change this situation.


Save My Plant

Save My Plant is a self-watering system that tackles the problem of having dry plants and avoiding withered leaves and types of plants. My final product includes a medical device which is the IV drip. Therefore, it inspired me to propose the idea of introducing to the kids in the hospital. Having a kids workshop in the hospital is the ideal way to get in touch with the kids and let them know what is sustainability. Having plants and flowers in the hospital could improve people’s mental and physical health.