Mixed-use Porformance Venue in Hong kong

Applying a creative approach to design in an urban environment is a challenge that occupies quite a big part of today’s architectural practice. This studio was set up to examine such complexities and the programmatic functionality. Students were asked to dissolve the very nature of the various mixed use components of their choice (i.e. retail, hospitality, office, institutional), and were required to explore different matrixes of spatial and programmatic relationships, in combination with a compulsory 1,800 person performance venue requirement. A site within the future West Kowloon Cultural District were chosen by the students individually, entailing in detailed site analysis of both the surrounding districts as well as the future WKCD master plan currently in development. Students had to design their projects through a process of breaking down, analyzing, reconfiguring and recomposing all the programs, then later propose a comprehensive intervention, tightly knitting all of the components together. They had to consider the functional criteria fundamental to the success of the facility, such as the interaction between the audience and performers, acoustics, site lines, circulation, access, etc, while having to balance the functionality of their chosen program. A list of extensive performance venue criteria was given to the students. World renowned acousticians were brought in to provide the technical foundation for the student’s design. Their mixed use design proposals had to respond to site, formal expression, functionality, spatial experience and discoveries through their studies.