The Kenneth Frampton Architectural Book Collection

The Department’s collection of books is primarily focused on architecture and urbanism, and has been assembled over the past half century by Kenneth Frampton, an internationally revered architectural historian and critic. Consisting of approximately 10,000 books, the library combines original architectural documentary material covering a wide range of geographical areas, as well as complementary critical studies and scholarly interpretations.  A vital centre of architectural knowledge, the collection embodies the passion and dedication that sustained Professor Frampton’s tireless pursuit of architectural ideas throughout his long career.

In the spring of 2016, with a generous donation from a group of architects in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and the gracious consent of Professor Frampton, the Department of Architecture (DoA) at HKU shipped the books from his apartment in New York to Hong Kong, where they will be placed as part of the permanent collection in the Department.  The collection will be accessible to HKU teachers and students, visiting scholars and professionals and will serve as a cultural base for the DoA to build its archival collection and support a broad range of academic programmes.  With the installation of the Kenneth Frampton Architectural Book Collection, the DoA offers a rich source of knowledge, enabling a unique cultural exchange between HKU, the architectural community in Hong Kong, the Asian region and the world at large.

Book List – Kenneth Frampton (4 MB pdf file)

Floor Plan – Kenneth Frampton

Room 401, 4/F Knowles Building, The University of Hong Kong

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*All books are available for in-library use during the opening hours. The library will be closed on public holidays and university holidays.

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