Surveying Society (SS)

The Building Society was originally established in 1985 and was renamed the Surveying Society (SS) in 1988. Since the establishment of the SS, it has long represented the interests of all undergraduates in building studies and later surveying.

All registered undergraduates, graduates, academic and administrative staff of the Department of Real Estate and Construction are members of the SS. Through the organization of activities, the SS aims to promote high academic standards, practical knowledge, and the general welfare of its members. The SS also acts as an important bridge between members and the Department of Real Estate and Construction. It further provides opportunities for members to reach out to professional bodies in the field. The SS was granted full affiliation with the Students’ Union, HKUSU, in 1986, and is now directly affiliated with the Architectural Society under the Students’ Union. Thus, the SS is also involved in and coordinates activities organized by the Architectural Society, HKUSU and acts as a means of communication between the HKUSU and its members.

Each year, candidates who are nominated and elected to the executive committee of the SS provide its strategic direction on behalf of its members. The SS organizes activities like firm visits, annual dinners, product sales, etc., in order to broaden members’ academic knowledge and provide them with a friendly and harmonic environment. Every year, the SS organizes some traditional activities, such as orientation and taking class photos, which extend and highlight the SS’s characteristic features.

Over the years, the SS has established a close relationship with the Department and professional organizations such as the HKIS (Young Surveyors Group, YSG) and RICS Matrices. The SS has organized joint activities with the three units, together with JUPAS Admission Talks, Information Day, school visits, etc. The Annual Dinner, Dragon Boat training, and wine tasting are the highlights of popular events organized by the SS over the past few years. With an aim of continuing to work for the betterment of its members, the Surveying Society intends to develop a much closer relationship with members, the Department, and professional organizations in the future.

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