Architectural Society (AS)

The Architectural Society of the University of Hong Kong was established in 1950; it has always stood up as a student body for students in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong. The society is comprised of about 500 members and is administered by 10 Executive Committee members, namely the Chairman, the Internal Vice-Chairman, the External Vice-Chairman, the General Secretary, the Financial Secretary, the External Secretary, the Publication Secretary, the Publicity Secretary, the Social & Welfare Secretary and the Sports Captain. Each functional secretary specializes in a particular role that is essential for the smooth operation of the society.

As the society believes that balance should be maintained between academic studies and extra-curricular activities, members are encouraged to participate in its many activities. Interaction between architectural and surveying students highlights one of the main objectives of the society. This can be illustrated by the society’s keen effort in organizing various social and cultural functions throughout the year.

Social and cultural activity has always been an indispensable element of tertiary education and as the representing body of students in the Faculty of Architecture, AS will continue to review its activities in order to equip its members to face the challenges that they may encounter in pursuit of a professional career.

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