Scholarships and Prizes
DoA: Department of Architecture
REC: Department of Real Estate and Constriction
DUPAD: Department of Urban Planning and Design
DLA: Division of Landscape Architectural
ACP: Division of Architectural Conservation Programmes

Scholarships Tenable in the Faculty of Architecture

Wharf Architecture Design Internship DoA
The Nascence Scholarship for Postgraduate Students in Architectural Studies DoA/DLA
The Faculty of Architecture Scholarship for Architecture Students DoA
Sun Hung Kai Properties Postgraduate Fellowship in Urban Institutional Analysis REC
Entrance Scholarships for Taught Postgraduate Studies in the Department of Real Estate and Construction REC
Vietnam Van Thinh Phat Scholarships DoA/REC/DUPAD/DLA/ACP
Wong Chan Wah Enrichment Scholarship DoA
Eric Lye Memorial Travelling Scholarship DoA/REC/DUPAD/DLA/ACP
E. Bruzzone Memorial Travelling Scholarship, Rev. Fr. DoA
P&T Travel Scholarship DoA
Francis Lau Scholarship REC
HKU Centenary Scholarships for Surveying Students REC
Szeto Wai Architecture Scholarship DoA
Barrie Ho Architecture Travelling Scholarship DoA/REC/DUPAD/DLA/ACP
Father Cronin Memorial Award/Father Cronin Memorial Award (Best Dissertation) DUPAD
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (HK) Scholarship REC/DUPAD/ACP
Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects – Student Award of Excellence DLA
Jardine/Henry Lo Scholarship DoA
China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong and International Chapter Scholarship ACP
The Centenary Scholarship Fund – Faculty of Architecture DoA/REC/DUPAD/DLA/ACP
Chun Wo Foundation Scholarships REC
Wong Tung & Partners Scholarship DoA
Formica Scholarship REC
CMA and Donors Scholarships DoA/REC/DUPAD/DLA/ACP
Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Programme DUPAD
Yu Chun Keung Memorial Scholarship DoA

Prizes Tenable in the Faculty of Architecture

Albert So Chun Hin Book Prize REC
Architectural Conservation Programme Alumni Book Prize ACP
BEAM Society Prize DoA/REC/DLA/ACP
Building Management Prize REC
Cronin Memorial Award (Best Student in Academic Stream), Father DUPAD
Cronin Memorial Award (Best Student in Professional Stream), Father DUPAD
David Wong Memorial Prize (book prize) DoA
Fosroc Prize (Expandite Prize) DoA
HKICON Student Prizes ACP
Ho Fook & Chan Kai Ming Prize DoA/REC/DUPAD/DLA/ACP
Hong Kong Institute of Architects Student Medal DoA
Hong Kong Institute of Planners Prizes (book prize plus a certificate) DUPAD
Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors Prize REC/DUPAD
Hong Kong University Alumni Prizes (medal) DoA/REC/DUPAD
J H Kinoshita Prizes (book prize) DoA
Leigh & Orange Design Prize DoA
Lynn DiStefano Prize ACP
Mike Wong Prize for Best Dissertation in Institutional Analysis REC
Mike Wong Prize for Development Project REC
Minnette de Silva Prize DoA
Philip Lo Prize for Interdisciplinary Studio Project REC
Professor K C Lye Design Prize in Architecture (book prize) DoA
Raymond Wong Man Wa Prize in Theory and Practice of Urban Planning REC
Real Estate Tech Prize REC
SCLHK Prize for Best Student in the Law for the Real Estate and Construction Industry Course REC
SCLHK Prize for Outstanding Students in the Introduction to Law and Contract Course REC
SCLHK Prize for the Best Student in Construction Law Course REC
Sir Ove Arup Prize for Structures DoA
Surveying Students Travel Prize REC
The CIHAPB Outstanding Dissertation Award DUPAD
The Royal Town Planning Institute Book Prize (book prize) DUPAD
The University of Hong Kong Surveying Alumni Association Prize REC
Tsim Yue Kui Postgraduate International Prize for Urban Institutional Analysis REC
Urban Planning and Design Alumni Prize DUPAD
Y M Wong Memorial Prize DoA