Academic Calendar

Important Academic Dates 2022-2023 (AAO)

General and University Holidays 2022–2023

The second day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Sep-12 (Mon)
National Day Oct-01 (Sat)
Chung Yeung Festival Oct-04 (Tue)
Christmas Eve (University Holiday) Dec-24 (Sat)
The first weekday after Christmas Day Dec-26 (Mon)
The second weekday after Christmas Day Dec-27 (Tue)
New Year’s Eve (University Holiday) Dec-31 pm (Sat)
The day following the first day of January Jan-02 (Mon)
Lunar New Year’s Eve (University Holiday) Jan-21 pm (Sat)
The second day of Lunar New Year Jan-23 (Mon)
The third day of Lunar New Year Jan-24 (Tue)
The fourth day of Lunar New Year Jan-25 (Wed)
Foundation Day (University Holiday) Mar-16 (Thu)
Ching Ming Festival Apr-05 (Wed)
Good Friday Apr-07 (Fri)
The day following Good Friday Apr-08 (Sat)
Easter Monday Apr-10 (Mon)
Labour Day May-01 (Mon)
The Birthday of the Buddha May-26 (Fri)
Tuen Ng Festival Jun-22 (Thu)
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day Jul-01 (Sat)
The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Sep-30 (Sat)

First Semester

Dates of Teaching
01.09.22 – 30.11.22 [except MSc(UDT), MUrbanDesign and PDLA]
01.09.22 – 05.12.22: MSc(UDT) and MUrbanDesign
08.08.22 – 30.11.22: PDLA

Reading/Field Trip Week
10.10.22 – 15.10.22

Revision Period
01.12.22 – 07.12.22

Assessment Period
08.12.22 – 23.12.22

Second Semester

Dates of Teaching
16.01.23 – 29.04.23:  [except MSc(UDT) and MUrbanDesign]
09.01.23 – 24.04.23: MSc(UDT) and MUrbanDesign

Class Suspension Period for Lunar New Year:
23.01.23 – 28.01.23

Reading/Field Trip Week:
06.03.23 – 11.03.23

Revision Period:
01.05.23 – 06.05.23

Assessment Period:
08.05.23 – 23.05.23

Optional Summer Semester:

Teaching and Assessment Period:
26.06.23 – 19.08.23