Sustainable High Density Cities Lab is a cross-disciplinary lab bringing together architects, urban planners, scientists, engineers, and public health researchers.


  • Jianxiang Huang, Department of Urban Planning & Design

HKU Members:

  • Prof Chris Webster, Dean of Architecture
  • Dr Chao Ren, Associate Professor, Division of Landscape Architecture
  • Prof Wei Jen Wang, Professor, Department of Architecture
  • Wei Pan, Department of Civil Engineering
  • Michael Yuxuan Ni, School of Public Health
  • Yuguo Li, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr Juan Du, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture
  • Dr Roger Chan, Associate Professor, DUPAD
  • Dr Weifeng Li, Associate Professor, DUPAD
  • Dr Xingjian Liu, Associate Professor, DUPAD
  • Dr Nam Kyung-Min, Associate Professor, DUPAD
  • Prof Anthony Yeh, Chair Professor, DUPAD
  • Ivan Valin, Associate Professor of Practice, Division of Landscape Architecture

Non-HKU Members:

  • Prof Phil Jones, Cardiff University
  • Prof Stephen Lau, National University of Singapore
  • Simos Yannas, Architectural Association
  • John D. Spengler, Harvard University
  • Guy Perry, Essel Group / McKinsey & Company
  • Jian Hang, Sun Yat-sen University
  • Du Hu, Cardiff University
  • Xiaojun Li, Research Associate, Cardiff University
  • Shan Shan Ho, Research Associate, Cardiff University

Research Staff / Students

  • Tongping Hao, PhD student, HKU
  • Jason M.Y. Tse BuroHappold Engineering / Cardiff University
  • Henry Yao Cardiff University
  • Grace Xuan Shen Cardiff University
  • Qunfeng Ji Cardiff University

Previous Members

  • Minjung Maing, Professor, Hanyang University
  • Weihui Liang, Research Associate Professor, Nanjing University
  • Jiawei Yao, Tongji University School of Urban Planning
  • Xu Yi, PhD candidate, School of Architecture, Tianjin University
  • Rong Peng, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Shenzhen, China
  • Yiyang Yang, PhD Candidate, City University of Hong Kong
  • Ms. Yali Wang, UN Habitat, Climate Change Unit, Nairobi, Kenya