iLab is an urban big data hub housed on the 7th floor of the Knowles Building, the University of Hong Kong that supports the entire suite of HKUrbanLabs. It facilitates multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary urban big data collection, storage, analysis, and presentation to inform decision-making in urban development. iLab is a repository for urban big data from Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Urban Remote Sensing (URS), satellite and airborne Remote Sensing (RS), Building Information Modeling (BIM), facilities  and asset management and other sources. iLab is a focus for research across the urban disciplines and works closely with other groups in HKUrbanLabs, especially the Centre for Urban Studies and Urban Planning, HealthyHDCities, SustainableHDCites and the Ronald Coase Centre for Property Rights Research, all of which heavily use urban big data. iLab also has its own unique research remit to integrate big data in pursuit of integrated modeling of smart urban development, combining smart community, smart infrastructure, smart construction, smart property and facilities management and Internet of Things (IoTs).  iLab’s research into integrated project delivery (IPD), serious video gaming technologies and virtual design and construction (VDC) is underpinned by conventional research in the field of construction management and links with architectural, urban design and urban planning data and modeling to yield new insights about optimizing design and production of the built environment across scales and professional disciplines. iLab contributes to teaching within and across the disciplinary boundaries in urban development by use of its computational technologies, research output and integrated approach to problem solving. iLab runs a specialist 5D-BIM Lab in Shanghai, which occupies the 4th floor of the Faculty’s Shanghai Study Centre. 5D-BIM Lab is a partnership teaching and research investment with leading German technology firm RIB, providing a unique facility to work on projects that integrate digital models of the entire building life-cycle specified in 3D+time+cost (5D). The lab provides an outreach facility for teaching, research and industry engagement in China and beyond, in collaboration with our partner universities.