Conferences, Symposiums, Public Forums

Date Conference Description
 18 Apr 2015  Public Seminar on THE MATTER OF FACT-ORY IS – Industrial Land Use Changes in Response to Economic Restructuring in Hong Kong
 6-7 Mar 2015  The Speculative City – Emergent Forms and Norms of the Built Environment – An Interdisciplinary Symposium at HKU
7-9 Jan 2015 2015 Great China GIS Conference
 15 Nov 2014  HKIP-RTPI Joint Symposium: Shaping the Future and Meeting Challenges
 19 Jul 2014  Public Seminar on Urban Governance, Land Supply, and Housing: Power, Politics, and Planning in England, Australia, and Hong Kong
 14 Mar 2014 Public Seminar on 100 years of Urban Planning – Centennial Celebration of RTPI at the University of Hong Konga
14-15 Dec 2013 International Conference on China’s Urban Transformation and Restructuring
19 Oct 2013 Public Forum on 2013 Long Term Housing Strategy: Building Sustainable Homes?
23 Feb 2013 Public Forum on Housing and Land in Hong Kong: Policies, Issues and Debates
10 Dec 2012 Affordable Housing Research Network (AHRN) Launching Symposium
7 Jan 2012 City Planning Forum: Taipei Challenge: New Planning initiatives
8-10 Dec 2011 2011 Asia Pacific Network for Housing Research (APNHR) Conference
– Neoliberalism and Urbanisation in Asia Pacific: Challenges and Opportunities for Housing
8 Jan 2011 Town and Gown Symposium – 30 Years of Urban Planning and Development in Hong Kong and China: Past, Present and Future
7-9 Dec 2010 International Conference on China Urban Development
18 Jun 2010 Exhibition and Seminar on Green Transport in Hong Kong, Asia’s World City, Shanghai, China
16-19 Aug 2009 10th Asian Urbanization Conference
16-18 Jun 2009 11th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management (CUPUM)
10 Jan 2009 A Town and Gown Symposium – Hong Kong as a Sustainable World City: Planning, Housing and Design
5 Aug 2008 International Symposium on Mega-City Regions: Innovations in Governance and Planning