Programmes & Courses

Master of Science in Conservation: BHRC will generate synergy with the teaching and research of the Master of Science in Conservation Programme (MSc Con), which is to be relaunched in Fall 2022 as a joint programme hosted by the Department of Architecture (DoA) and the Division of Landscape Architecture (DLA) and taught by relevant heritage experts across FoA. Most importantly, the lab will provide a platform for organizing research and training activities on built heritage, strengthening connections with other academic and professional programmes and institutions, and enriching the learning experience of MSc Cons students through greater interdisciplinarity and a stronger linkage with other world-class heritage research and training centres and key practitioner partners.

Professional Master Programmes in FoA: BHRC will offer a venue for FoA postgraduate students across Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, and Real Estate and Construction to share research findings, discuss new developments in the field and initiate cross-disciplinary collaborative projects. This is likely to lead to conservation specialisms within these degrees (under discussion).

MPhil and PhD Programmes under FoA: BHRC will contribute to the MPhil and PhD programmes of FoA by engaging with research postgraduate students across the three departments with an interest in built heritage and conservation.

Professional Training and Upskilling Courses & Workshops: BHRC will provide support for the organization of training, upskilling courses and workshops in conservation for local built environment professionals. FoA’s strategic model for Master’s programmes going forward, is to open up routes for CPD and more formal accredited executive education.