The Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities Initiative (AUHI) comprises a group of designers, theorists, and historians at the University of Hong Kong. Collectively, we work to understand how buildings and cities shape our relationship to each other and to the world at large.

Our research methods are qualitative in nature. We acknowledge and embrace the difficulties in measuring the affects, ambiguities, ethics, and impulses that often comprise architectural and urban space. Our scholarship incorporates a range of interdisciplinary approaches, including visual forms of argumentation native to the design professions as well as archival and ethnographic modes of inquiry. We also situate our research in conversation with emerging scholarship on buildings and cities in fields ranging from anthropology to history to science and technology.

Understanding the complexities at work in architecture and urbanization also requires a range of sources. Our research materials comprise images, objects, and texts. We consider architecture and the city as temporal as well as spatial entities, which makes our work both projective as well as retrospective in nature.

Our scholarship comprises courses, workshops, public lectures, conferences, publications, buildings, and environments. Through these efforts, we seek to promote innovative research and teaching in architecture, urbanism, and landscape.