Unbuilt Drawing

Department: Architecture
Author: Thomas Tsang

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The Unbuilt Drawing (2016- ) frame the intention of ‘undoing’ in relation to communities of practice and discourse with common approaches and language in architectural drawing. Formations of words with ‘un’ and other similar negative prefixes indicate oppositional, critical and challenging actions. The found commonalities of meaning between the practice and discourse of art and the practice and discourse of architecture, the field of fashion yielded a different set of meanings when this approach was taken in the drawing. By referencing and working with other fields; distinct and potential ways to subvert actions, methods, and modes of fashion practice can be more acutely revealed. This becomes a fundamental way to critique and reflect on the representation of architectural drawing; through the use of provocative strategies that are practiced within fields such as art.

The act of digitalization: capturing and recording a frame of analog drawing and viewing it on a screen, preserves the quality of the drawing at the moment it was captured. By capturing the series of drawings, allows one to reflect on their drawing process, the transformation of the drawing can be reviewed.

The conception of drawing has been dramatically reconfigured by the arrival of digital media. Drawings are not simply one fixed frame but constantly transforming and unfolding, revealing and inspiring ideas. During the creation of the Unbuilt Drawing, we draw and think, regularly reviewing what comes before the current drawing, and adjusting what comes after it. Many drawings are suspended from time, unanchored from the particular fixed image, it brings freedom and improvisation, that one which not only holds an important part of the gives the drawing rhythm and tempo, in which provides an additional layer of information of the drawing. Combining with sound, we are able to see the music, or listen to the drawing, in the understanding of drawing and building.


Enlarge Photo: Unbuilt Drawing 1