Tongjiang Primary School

Research Centre: Rural Urban Lab;

This Rural Urban Framework project responded to the prevalence of demolition in rural areas of China, by proposing a strategy for recycling old buildings into a new primary school in Tongjiang County. The project brief required replacing an existing school building with a new building with an expanded program. The project reused materials from demolished older buildings, and rubble was reused as a growing medium and insulation on the proposed green roof of the new school building. In addition, traditional ‘green’ bricks no longer manufactured were collected from demolition sites of old houses in this historic region, and were reused and reassembled as a large screen wall and ground paving for the school.

Enlarge Photo: Responding to increased demolition of older buildings in rural areas, the project utilizes this abundance of waste materialEnlarge Photo: Vision plan of Tongjiang Primary SchoolEnlarge Photo: Proposed design details of the schoolEnlarge Photo: Construction site of the School