MTR West Kowloon Terminus Public Art

Department: Architecture
Curator: Thomas Tsang

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The Art in Architecture programme for the Hong Kong High Speed Rail Station marked significant change embracing non-traditional public artist of the art project. The challenge of this curatorial project drawn in the complex infrastructure, circulatory connections, and spatial design. The construction sits next to the future development of the arts hub in Hong Kong.

The curator was nominated and selected among the public art committee appointed by the MTR management to identified to curator Hong Kong’s first railway station and significant public art programme. The appointed curator selected among over 20 nominated curators, mainly art curators worked in existing gallery or museum, my proposal reflected in the perspective remains one of the most unique and indelible experiments, both as an artist and architect, in the significant topic of infrastructure arts.

The project situated in the ever expanding China’s railway station and airport project. The role of the public art is given another dimension, in these capital development project. In addition to symbolizing a place, the work now serves the traveller—welcoming, grounding, or inspiring them. As passengers do look up from the busy activity of a trip, thoughtfully curated artworks can be humanizing reminders.

To encourage the growth and continuation of these programs, my project gather to support the creation and growth of art programs in transportation facilities around the world. It inspired for best practices, experiments and experiences, the members of the field can bolster their existing programs in many of the transportation hubs.

Enlarge Photo: MTR West Kowloon Terminus Public Art 1