Living on the Water: Mobile Living Museum

Department: Architecture
Research Centre: Urban Ecologies Design Lab;
Active Dates: 2015-2016
Principal Investigator: Juan Du


Once indigenous dwellers and expert fisherman of the waters of Hong Kong, the water people of Hong Kong are also referred to as Boat People, Boat Dwellers, the Tanka etc. During the 1960s, there were nearly 136,000 water people in Hong Kong, with the highest concentration living amongst 3,000 vessels of the floating village in Aberdeen, twice of those living on land. No longer having access to their traditional place of dwelling or livelihood, the water people is now an aging community mostly living in Aberdeen and the Southern District of Hong Kong. “Movable Feast” project could respond to all three calls:  the Communal City, the Productive City, and the Clean City. With the emphasis of fostering social networks in the communal city, the “Movable Feast” brings together various stakeholders – the local water people, community organizers, marine biologists and historians collaborate to explore this new social intervention. The project proposes an architectural intervention that negotiates the relationships among the city – a synthesized ecosystem comprised of Natural, Social, Economic and Constructed Elements. The Water People could sustain their business through the food workshop with the collaboration of local fish farms that supply sustainable fish. Customers would pay for their meals while learning about culinary history of the Water People as well as being more aware of environmental issues that are related to their daily acts of living.

Enlarge Photo: Living on the Water: Mobile Living Museum 1