Industrial Forest

Department: Architecture
Designer : Eric Schuldenfrei
Designer: Marisa Yiu

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Industrial Forest is an installation, publication, and set of instructions that examines the transformation of a postindustrial urban site, charting the relationship between nature and spaces of manufacturing within an evolving economy. Recording the growth of nature and the eventual decay of the installation, the study provides a unique idea of continuation after the installation has been dismantled. The work is conceptualized as a reproducible set of instructions that could be duplicated by others, not only in the tangible physical aspects of the work, but the ephemeral qualities of the context of the site and the documentation process. Currently being collected by M+, a museum designed by Herzog & de Meuron under construction in Hong Kong, Industrial Forest does not depict a fixed result, but describes a process of becoming and undoing.

Industrial Forest was one of two enduring works on display at Spring Workshop, which was bestowed the Prudential, Parallel Contemporary Art, and Saatchi Gallery’s ‘Prudential Eye Award’ for ‘The Best Asian Contemporary Art Institution’. Spring is a Hong Kong entity with an international presence due to its prestigious residency and arts programme with visitors received from around the globe.

Spring Workshop had a predetermined finite duration of five years and that limitation contributed to the idea of Industrial Forest, since the project would not be a permanent entity. Therefore, the permanency of the project is positioned as a process, a natural progression reflecting the natural cycles found within constructing and documenting an artificial forest – evidenced in the evolution of building codes, seasonal cycles, political cycles, economic and entropic cycles.

Enlarge Photo: Industrial Forest 1