Experimental Structures

Department: Architecture
Active Dates: 2015-19
Program Coordinator and Supervisor: Ulrich Kirchhoff

The agenda of the structural highrise research studios aim at finding answers to how we want to inhabit dense urban environments in a sustainable way. Structural efficiency and optimisation is the basis of reducing the carbon footprint of buildings.

Hong Kong has over 9,000 highrise buildings of which 1,500 are taller than 100 meter. In this context, specific local tower typologies developed and the best known is the Podium-Tower. The Podium-Tower consistst of a residential tower that sits on top of a commercial podium. To manage the different programmatic needs of both types, a structural transfeslab is the common practice to link these two parts. The environmental costs of the transferslab are immense since the structure is highly complex and it uses a lot of materials beyond it’s loading requirements.

The research studios investigate the potential of highrise structures to be more slender, less material intense and to allow for more space of inhabitation. While the first research studio aimed at structural performance, the later research studios look at environmental performance of structures as well.

Ulrich Kirchhoff with

Cody Cot, Cyril Leung Hin Yan, Olga Cech, Mandy Ng Hoi Man, Cherie Leona Cheung, Darren Tan Man Tak, Jiang He Jia, Tang Yu Chan, Liane Cheung, Eric Ng Siu Cheong, Chan Cheong Kit, Ji Xiang, Gavin Lee Yu Hin, Rachel Lee Tsz Man, Jessica Mary Tsang Hoi Lam, Yim Chi Chung, Zhang Xiaopei, Zhou Yiwen

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