Edible Roof

Department: Landscape Architecture

EDIBLE ROOF: A manual for building and operating a productive roof garden in Hong Kong. Many city dwellers have a strong desire to grow their own vegetables and contribute to a more sustainable urban life style, but lack the space to do so.   The Division of Landscape Architecture has run a two year KE project to develop a comprehensive manual to help interested individuals and community groups in Hong Kong create and run sustainable edible gardens on their building roofs, with the minimum of effort and expense.

Growing plants on a roof can be very different from ground level urban farming and the manual addresses the unique environmental and technical challenges of gardening on a roof.  Whether people are activating an unutilized grey roof space to build a completely new edible garden or converting an existing ornamental green roof to vegetable production, the manual provides a step-by-step guide to undertaking the whole project and as a technical reference for tackling specific issues.  The approaches and techniques described can be applied to almost any roof space, from a few humble planters on a balcony to an extensive productive garden across a large scale industrial roof deck.

The manual is based on the HKU Edible Roof that was constructed on the Runme Shaw Building as a research project by a team from the Division of Landscape Architecture, and is now operated under the HKU Urban Farming initiative. The manual is currently in final stages of production and should be published early in 2015.  The information generated has already been used to help a number of commercial and institutional organizations develop their own Edible Roofs.

香港建設和運營生產性天台農場手冊。許多城市的居民都希望可以自己種菜,並建立一個更加可持續的城市生活方式,但問題是香港缺乏空間。園林建築學部 的教研人員花了2年的時間完成知識交流項目,編制了這本綜合手冊,希望能幫助有興趣的人士和社會團體以最小的資源和成本,在香港建築物的天台上建造並運營 可持續的天台農場。

在天台上種植植物不同於地面的城市農場,手冊里說明了天台農場的特殊環境和技術挑戰。不管是將閒置的灰色天台建造成一個全新的天台農場,還是將一個 現有的觀賞綠色天台改造成生產蔬菜的農場,這本手冊提供了每一個步驟的指導,並提供技術參考以解決各種問題。這些技術幾乎可以運用在所有的天台空間,從不 起眼的陽台花盆到大型工業大廈天台的農場都沒有問題。

這本手冊是以香港大學天台農場為基礎撰寫的,位於香港大學邵仁枚樓的天台農場是園林建築學部的一個研究項目,現由香港大學城市農業計劃團隊運營。目 前,這本手冊的編寫工作已在最後階段,預計2015年初發行。這些已有的信息已經幫助許多商業和機構組織建立了自己的天台農場。

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