Chinese Academy of Sciences IOT Centre and Labs

Department: Architecture
Author: Wee, H.K., SKEW Collaborative

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This project is an adaption of two Soviet-designed laboratory buildings in Jiading – a satellite town understood to be the first Science Town in China. The project discusses the historical concept of green utopianism in relation to the Soviet’s first interpretation of green buffer zones for urban control and expansion, before Shanghai adopted it in its urban planning. It is imperative for the adapted design and conservation of green to be predicated on the ideological use of green – not only to enhance the built environment for the first generation of scientists and industrial workers, but also as tools of political legitimacy and social control. This project was specifically tailored for the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT) under CAS. However, it was the District Government of Jiading who took great care to recommend the conservation of the 1960s Soviet buildings in order to also protect the legacy of the beautiful greenery around the campus.

Enlarge Photo: Chinese Academy of Sciences IOT Centre and Labs 1