Chang`an Axis Project

Department: Architecture
Research Centre: Centre for Chinese Architecture and Urbanism;
Designer: Tao Zhu, CCAU (Centre for Chinese Architecture & Urbanism), HKU

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Chang’an Axis Project is a unique urban regeneration program. Integrating various expertise of the university, it helps Chang’an, a Chinese industrial town, on its urbanization process through a precise design intervention – constructing a city-scaled public space corridor. Over three years, the project has streamlined a working process from multidisciplinary researches on urban history, economics, policy and physical environment, to various design engagements, including urban planning, urban design, architectural and landscape design. By connecting scholars and designers with officials and the public, the project demonstrates a productive model for knowledge exchange. By helping the government to work simultaneously on the city’s spatial, economic, and political sectors, the project also exemplifies the importance and efficacy of adopting a holistic approach to city development for Chinese urbanism today.

Enlarge Photo: Chang`an Axis Project 1