08 Heart

Director/Producer/Composer: Tom COZENS
Executive Producers: Professor Chris WEBSTER & Dr. Eric SCHULDENFREI
Assistant Producer: Alex TAIT
Production Assistant: Winnie YEUNG
Editor: Nick BRIER

Academic contributor: Mathew PRYOR
Actresses: Professor Shenjing HE and daughter, Yi SUN, Doris LEUNG Shuk Fong
Actor: Daniel CHAN

What will it take for the green spaces in cities to become the focus of new or re-discovered forms of community life? To become eco-systems for more sustainable social and environmental capital formation? Technology, design, laws, microclimate and behavioral conventions are the current constraints on realizing the dream of rooftop farming and gardens. Can these constraints be reconfigured to create vast amounts of new social space in existing and new cities? What reconfiguration might turn existing urban parks into more socially productive spaces? Could the many degraded local and micro parks in cities around the world revert to community agricultural spaces? Could large-scale commercial agriculture ever re-establish itself in cities as it has done in the American Rust Belt and the declining industrial cities built in unsustainable regions in the formerly centrally planned economies of Eastern Europe, Russia and China?

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