06 Arteries

Director/Producer/Composer: Tom COZENS
Executive Producers: Professor Chris WEBSTER & Dr. Eric SCHULDENFREI
Assistant Producer: Alex TAIT
Production Assistant: Winnie YEUNG
Editor: Nick BRIER

Academic contributors: Alain CHIARADIA, Dr. Guibo SUN, Dr. Lingzhu ZHANG, Yuming CUI, Xian SU, Siddharth KHAKHAR, Hoi Hin TSE, Xin LIU
Actresses: Professor Shenjing HE and daughter
Actor: Daniel CHAN

Smart city technology that reduces the time and cost of human interactions is likely to catch on more quickly and make a more profound impact than smart city tech that does not. How might the city change as the amount of un-targeted ‘wandering’ reduces? Will preference-driven navigation mean less capricious discoveries? If we interact with a city’s digital twin more than with the real city, how will it change our behavior? And whose interests will be coded into the virtual? How will society determine whose interests are coded into the regulations that govern smart city algorithms? Simple building-code systems pursuing environmental health and design-safety goals and first applied in the 19th century, governed the architecture and shape of cities throughout the 20th century. Will design algorithms, harvested by machines that learn from patterns, preferences and performance observed in smart city data banks, be the equivalent to urban byelaws in the rest of the 20th century? Who will write and govern them?

Sustainable High Density Cities:


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