01 Rural

Director/Producer: Tom COZENS
Music: Tom COZENS
Script: Tom COZENS and Professor Chris WEBSTER  

Executive Producers: Professor Chris WEBSTER and Dr Eric SCHULDENFREI
Assistant Producer: Alex TAIT
Production Assistant: Winnie YEUNG
Editor: Nick BRIER

Academic Contributor: Joshua BOLCHOVER
Actors: Xianwei LONG, Yi SUN

Cities form as human labour divides into ever finer categories and people cluster together to exchange their specialised skills with those of others. By exchange, they pursue wealth and welfare, security and society. The left-behind ‘rural’ is the city’s shadow, but also its umbilical chord. How will the balance play out as the world moves towards its 100% urbanisation end-game? What will lie beyond?

Chris Webster, HKU, 2021

Featured Design:

The Angdong Hospital by Joshua BOLCHOVER and John LIN (Rural Urban Framework)

Featured HKUrbanLabs:

Rural Urban Framework
Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning (bringing architecture to the rural)
Social Infrastructure for Equity and Wellbeing (migrant workers, social equality, urban services access)


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