Recently Opened Control Tower in the Hong Kong Pavilion

Recently Opened Control Tower in the Hong Kong Pavilion at the 11th Venice Biennale of Architecture

on September 12, 2008.

Jason Carlow, John Lin, and Jonathan D Solomon in collaboration with Stefan Krakhofer

HK Production Team: Ricci Wong and Eric Chiu

Project Sponsorship by SinoGroup

Control Tower combines the power of scripting software with simple manual techniques; processes both contemporary and traditional. Individual cut-sheets were prepared in Hong Kong from a digital model and water-jet cut into aluminum panels in China. The plates were shipped flat to Venice, where a scaffold was erected on site using standard components. The sheets were unpacked and mounted on the scaffold, then through a system of codes and jigs, folded into shape progressively by hand according to a pattern determined by a computer script.

Control Tower is designed to take advantage of the flexibility and precision of mass-customization and the standardization of generic components with the hand as the ideal mediator between the two. Control is explored both in how the tower is designed and fabricated and in how it behaves in its specific site. As a system, the tower is an infinitely reconfigurable screen, capable of being flattened, removed to a new location, and redeployed under different parameters.

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